Geosyntec CAT Advisory is part of Geosyntec Consultants,  a global firm with local presence and knowledge. As an independent third party with experience built upon Geosyntec's internationally renowned engineering and scientific expertise, Geosyntec CAT offer unbiased, objective advice that applies real world, practical, market-tested knowledge of project risk and return in the context of competitive, regulatory, cost, and demand drivers. Geosyntec CAT pioneered development of the DNPV method as an alternative valuation and risk quantification approach that consistently translates technical assessment of physical risks into financial terms, quantifying in monetary terms the potential exposure of assets and investments to physical hazards.

Sustainability Strategic Advisors



Sustainability Strategic Advisors, a strategic partner in the development of the DNPV method, is a boutique financial group comprised of financial and business professionals with engineering backgrounds. The group uses DNPV to leverage its ability to understand engineering design products and their experience in financial analysis, M&A, due diligence, and valuation of investment opportunities in infrastructure projects (including conventional and renewable energy assets, solid waste, and mining).

Energy Path Corporation

Energy Path is a boutique energy consultancy focused on risk management in energy markets with a focus on clean thermal and renewable energy. The firm has been engaged by large electric generation and other energy companies (both domestically in the USA and internationally) to establish operating strategies and perform value assessments of generating assets.  Energy Path is pioneering the use of DNPV to account for distant future revenues from clean thermal energy plants and to perform Real Asset Risk Management to help clients understand the impact of physical risks on financial performance.. 

information system institute

IWI, Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik of the Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany, is an interdisciplinary research institution encompassing Information Systems, Business Administration, Finance, and Operations Research. IWI’s specific research interest focuses on financing and risk management of renewable energy investments which benefits greatly from close collaboration with researchers and practitioners of ForWind, HCF e.V, and LIFE 2050. Researchers at IWI have applied DNPV to evaluate renewable energy investments and developed an advanced web-based decision support system for investors and developers of renewable energy projects: Investment and Risk Management Information System for Renewable Energies (IRIS-RE). IRIS-RE users can evaluate the profitability, financial viability, and risk-bearing capacity of renewable energy investments. The researchers are currently seeking to implement DNPV in the IRIS-RE platform to estimate levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for renewable energies. Another research project of IWI will focus on the use of DNPV as an alternative to the Long-Term Asset Value (LTAV) technique in the context of vessel financing.